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Repointing is a vital service to maintain the structural integrity of stone or brick properties and their aesthetic appeal. A thorough knowledge of masonry is required, as is experience and the correct tools. By selecting the right service you can increase the lifespan of your building, and possibly save money in the future.

Repointing will preserve and increase the value of any stone or brick property. Local repointing specialists, can provide the necessary expertise and detail-oriented service to ensure that your property remains strong and attractive for years to come.

What Is Repointing? And Why Is It Crucial For Brick Building?

In essence, repointing is the process of renewing ‘pointings’, the external parts of mortar joints used in brick and stone construction. Over time water can seep into the joints between the stones or bricks when moisture, frost or salt has eroded the pointing. This water can cause serious damage to your property including structural instability and collapse.

The Structural Integrity Of Your Property: Repointing prevents water ingress which can weaken a stone or brick building and cause severe damage over time.

Your Properties Aesthetic Appeal: Repointing not only improves the structural integrity of a building, but also its aesthetic appeal. The brickwork that has been repointed looks neat, well-maintained and can increase the curb appeal of the building and potentially its value.

The Building’s Longevity: Repointing stone or brick buildings can be a great way to extend their lifespan by addressing small issues before they grow into bigger problems.

Signs That Your Building Needs Repointing

Have you noticed cracks in your stone or brick walls’ mortar? Perhaps there are signs of moisture-related issues, such as damp walls or mildew. These are signs that your property may require repointing. Do not ignore these warnings, because repointing will be a lot cheaper and simpler to deal with, than dealing with damage caused by water intrusion.

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What Is The Repointing Process

Repointing fills these potentially dangerous voids, improving both the visual and physical integrity of your property. This involves a number of steps including removing the damaged or old mortar, preparing the joints for the new mortar, and then applying the new mortar carefully. This takes patience, skill, and a solid understanding of masonry.

Old Mortar Has To Be Removed

First, the old mortar must be removed. This is usually done using power tools or hand tools depending on the extent and size of the damaged area.

Joints Have To Be Prepared

As soon as the old mortar has been removed, it is time to prepare the joints ready to install the new mortar. It is important to thoroughly clean the joints in order to remove any debris or residual mortar that may interfere with the bonding of the bricks and new mortar.

Adding The New Mortar

Application of new mortar is a final step to the repointing. To be sure of a strong and durable bond applying the new mortar must be done with care, using the proper type of mortar and applying it in layers.

Repointing is a difficult job that requires considerable skill and expertise and should therefore be left to the a professional mason.

Repointing Process Factors That Affect It

The repointing procedure can be affected by a variety of factors, these include the type and age of the masonry, as well as the local climate. For a tailored solution, choose a professional repointing service who takes these factors in to account.

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Why Choose A Professional Repointing Service?

A professional repointing service is always recommended, even if you are tempted to do it yourself. Repointing professionals have all of the right tools, training and experience necessary to complete your repointing task safely and effectively, ensuring that your building stays in great condition for years to come.

Local Repointing Companies vs National Companies

Your local repointing services are often overlooked, as the big national companies have a greater visibility. Your local repointing professionals have an in-depth understanding of the local architecture and climate, which is invaluable for making a good job of repointing your property.

Repointing Cost Factors

The cost of repointing can be affected by several factors, which includes the size of area to be repointed, the state of the mortar that is already in place, the complexity of the job and the hourly rates of the service provider.

How To Reduce Repointing Costs

Even though your shouldn’t skimp out on essential services, like repointing, you can still make some savings. This includes bundling with other maintenance tasks, negotiating a better rate, and searching for specials or discounts.

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Repointing brickwork plays a vital role in property maintenance, this is especially true for places like Sherwood, which can suffer from weather damage over time.

For more information on our Sherwood brickwork repointing & restoration services contact us today

Repointing Services FAQs

How often does brickwork need to be repointed?

This depends on various factors, including the quality of the original pointing, environmental conditions, and the type of brick

Can I repoint my brickwork myself?

While it's possible, repointing is a skilled job that requires specific tools and knowledge. Done incorrectly, it can lead to more harm than good. It's generally recommended to hire a professional for this task.

How long does it take to repoint a house?

The duration varies depending on the size of the property and the extent of the damage. For a typical house, it could take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

What type of mortar should be used for repointing?

The choice of mortar depends on the type of brick, the age of the building, and environmental conditions. A professional mason will be able to advise on the most suitable type of mortar for your needs.

Does repointing add value to my property?

Yes, repointing can increase the value of your property. It improves the aesthetic appeal of the building, assures potential buyers of its structural integrity, and demonstrates that the property has been well maintained.

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